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Category: Refractive Surgery

4 of the Best Reasons to Consider Having LASIK

Millions of people have decided to get LASIK. It is one of the most popular forms of vision correction.  There are plenty of reasons to want better vision, so if you are familiar with any of these experiences, you may want to consider LASIK. Keep reading to learn four of the best reasons to consider… Read More

How Do I Know If I’m a Good LASIK Candidate?

Are you tired of feeling like glasses and contacts are the only answer? LASIK is an effective procedure that has helped change the way millions of people see the world around them. It may come as a surprise to find out that not everyone can undergo the procedure. While LASIK is popular due to its… Read More

What is SMILE, and Is It Right For Me?

If you’ve thought about getting a vision correction procedure, you’ve probably heard of LASIK. LASIK is remarkably effective when it comes to correcting refractive errors. But it is no longer the only viable solution to vision problems, and for many people, it is not the best option. There are several LASIK alternatives. One of these… Read More

Why PRK is a LASIK Alternative Worth Thinking About

LASIK is often the first procedure people think of when it comes to permanent vision correction. While LASIK is the most well-known vision correction procedure, it is not the only option. And, it may not even be the best option for you. There are many alternatives to LASIK. Some of them only exist to fill… Read More

Want LASIK? Here are 6 Signs You Could Be A Candidate!

Does clear vision without the hassle of glasses sound desirable? Life without glasses and contacts is possible with vision correction procedures like LASIK. That’s what makes LASIK the world’s leading refractive surgery. It is effective at eliminating your need for glasses and contacts! However, getting it is not quite as simple as walking into an… Read More

Should I Use My Tax Return To Pay For LASIK?

Are you considering LASIK? Now may be the best time of year to invest in it! With the end of tax season approaching, many people are getting ready to see a sizable influx of cash through their tax refund. While most people who have had the procedure agree that LASIK is worth it, you can’t… Read More

Is Winter A Good Time To Have LASIK?

Are you tired of wearing glasses or contacts? If you’ve reached the point of no return with your visual aids, there’s no time like the present for LASIK! The best time, in fact, is to have LASIK is as soon as possible. Why? This will allow you to enjoy the amazing, lifelong experience of clear… Read More

Could Dry Eyes Stand In The Way of Getting LASIK?

If you’re looking to change your vision for the better, LASIK is a great place to start. LASIK is a procedure that corrects refractive errors. This includes nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The best part is that the procedure has incredibly high rates of satisfaction with patients! Over 96% of patients report satisfaction with their results…. Read More

Is LASIK Too Good To Be True?

LASIK has helped millions of people achieve better eyesight than they ever thought possible. The procedure is fast, safe, and effective. With over 96% of patients happy with their outcomes, it’s no wonder people might be suspicious of it at first. But the numbers don’t lie, LASIK is exactly as amazing as it sounds. Keep… Read More

5 Tips For A More Relaxed LASIK Recovery

It’s pretty difficult to call recovering from any surgical procedure relaxing. But LASIK isn’t nearly as intense to recover from as some other surgeries! You can even follow this guide to make your recovery easier, faster, safer, and more enjoyable. Keep reading for 5 tips for a more relaxed LASIK recovery! 1. Rest- Especially Right… Read More

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