There are many different types of eyelid conditions, which many first notice due to the unwanted appearance they cause. However, eyelid conditions are not only a cosmetic issue; they can also impair your vision. 

Ptosis, for example, is one of the most common eyelid conditions that often require surgery to correct. Keep reading to learn if eyelid surgery could be right for you!

What is Ptosis?

Ptosis is a condition that causes one or both of the eyelids to droop down. While it doesn’t hurt, ptosis can affect the way you look and the way you see. 

Droopy eyelids not only make you look tired. If the problem is severe enough, drooping eyelids can block vision. 

People with severe ptosis may need to tilt their heads up to see appropriately. This action can cause further problems like neck pain and headaches.

Ptosis is typically an age-related problem. As you age, the skin and muscles around your eye can weaken. 

Without the support, gravity pulls the eyelid down. Ptosis can also happen in younger people. 

Surgery or injury can stretch your eyelid muscles, as can tumors in or near your eye. Sometimes babies are born with the condition. 

If children experience ptosis, it can lead to other problems like lazy eye. If a child cannot see properly, their vision might not develop correctly.   

What is Ptosis Surgery?

If ptosis is not severe enough to block vision, you may not need to treat it. However, surgery may be the answer if it is causing vision problems or you do not like the cosmetic appearance of drooping lids. 

Ptosis surgery takes less than an hour, and you’ll be able to go home the same day. During the procedure, your eyelid surgeon will remove some of the muscle tissue that lifts the eyelid. 

Then, they will reattach the muscle tissue, leaving it shorter and tighter. Once your eyelid surgeon closes the incision, the eyelid will be stronger and able to open and close regularly.   

Surgery for children with ptosis may not be necessary, but they should be monitored carefully. They will need to be followed by an eye care provider to ensure their eyesight develops properly and that there a no additional issues.

What Other Eyelid Problems Are There? 

The oculoplastic surgeons at Kovach Eye Institute in South Barrington, IL, are able to help you deal with a wide range of problems. From eyelids and eyebrows to tear ducts and cheeks, the specialists are trained to deal with all kinds of parts of the face.

Here are some of the issues the surgeons can fix:

  • Eyelids that turn inward or outward
  • Tear ducts that have become damaged 
  • Skin cancers around the eye 
  • Issues stemming from Thyroid Eye Disease or Graves Disease

The oculoplastic surgeon will be able to take care of most of these problems in the clinic. The best way to determine if you need eyelid surgery is to visit your eye doctor for an evaluation. 

At this appointment, you will be able to discuss your symptoms and goals with your eye doctor, and they will determine what treatment is necessary.

Do you want to learn if eyelid surgery may be right for you? Schedule an appointment at Kovach Eye Institute in Naperville, IL, today!