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5 stars 5
Such friendly reception and explained the process of the test I was having done as well as answered my questions. Loved the care the staff has given me. Awesome place!
5 stars 5
Painless and efficient it was an exam for glaucoma
5 stars 5
They are awesome.
5 stars 5
Dr. Kovach is very thorough and explains everything and answers any questions you have. The staff are friendly and helpful. Went from tired dry eyes after wearing contacts for over 45 years to 20/20 after cataract surgery. I tried lens implants, but didnt work for me. Dr. Kovach suggested of getting cataract surgery (early stage) but I thought I would do implants first. Lesson learned, I now listen to Dr. Kovach!
5 stars 5
I generally have a great experience at this office although on the one day I needed a little bit of understanding I was very disappointed by the staff I am not sure if Tatiana or frankie took my call but I called at 3:55 when I was running 10 min late I spend more time on the phone trying to get them to understand that I was going to be just 5 minutes late past my 4 o clock appointment time. They were worried about going home rather than accommodating me. That was the most unprofessional conversation. Coming from someone that works at a doctors office and a hospital my staff and I never argue with a patient running 5, 10, 15 even 20 minutes behind. Despite me explaining Im down the street I only called to be courteous, not to argue about not having my appointment canceled. But it turned into me having to explain the most just to get told if youre here past 10 minutes your appointment time we are not going to take you. Fortunately, I was exactly 5 minutes late and that phone call was not necessary what so ever .

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