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Lens Options

A Clear View… A New You

It is an exciting time to have cataract surgery. There are better options than ever before to restore your sight. We will create a custom plan based on your visual goals. Our goal is to restore your sight to the optimal level, keeping your lifestyle and visual goals as our priority.

We offer customizable lens options and the most advanced technology. During your consultation, our top-of-the-line surgeons and educated staff will guide you to determine the best lens for you.

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Intraocular Lens Options


Distance, Midrange and Near

Synergy and Synergy Toric

Synergy®, an innovative Presbyopia correcting IOL delivers high-definition vision at all ranges: Up close, near, mid-range/intermediate and distance. See from nine inches to across the field with no drop offs in vision. The newest filtering technology allows for violet light to be filtered out, which decreases nighttime halos and glares. Synergy® maintains crisp image quality by correcting the spherical aberration on the cornea and delivers the sharpest image contrast of colors and visual acuity in low-light situations, by correcting chromatic aberrations as well.

Vivity and Vivity Toric

Vivity is a first-of-its-kind, non-diffractive extended depth of focus IOL which stretches and shifts light without splitting it. Vivity®delivers monofocal-quality distance (far) with excellent intermediate (at arm’s length) and functional near vision (up close). This lens has a monofocal-like visual disturbance profile, a low incidence of severe or very bothersome glare and halos and provides a continuous extended range of vision. This IOL, compared to a monofocal IOL, provides an extended range of vision from distance to near without increasing the incidence of visual disturbances.

Symfony and Symfony Toric

Symfony IOL is the first lens of its kind to combine two unique technologies for outstanding visual performance. Elongating the focus of the eye provides continuous high-quality vision which may reduce the frequency of wearing glasses. By correcting chroma. tic aberration (color distortion) it provides sharp vision in all lighting conditions. The Symfony IOL provides the best distance, intermediate, and up-close vision. This IOL is available in both a Non-Toric version and a Toric version for patients with astigmatism.

Distance, Midrange and Astigmatism

Eyhance and Eyhance Toric

The EyhanceTM IOL offers breakthrough refractive design resulting in continuous increase in power from the periphery to the center of the lens that will help patients to experience high quality vision at

both intermediate and far distances, allowing patients to achieve significantly improved intermediate vision, especially in low-illumination settings.

Crystalens and Trulign Toric

Crystalens is used for intermediate, distance, with variable near vision. Designed to accommodate like a natural crystalline lens. Crystalens delivers vision quality with enhanced contrast sensitivity. Optical performance is unaffected by pupil size or location of the optic due to uniform center-to-edge power.

Light Adjustable Lens

The first and only intraocular lens (IOL) that allows your physician to optimize your vision following cataract surgery. The unique feature of the Light Adjustable Lens is that the shape and focusing characteristics can be changed after implantation in the eye using an office-based UV light source called a Light Delivery Device or LDD.

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Distance Only

Monofocal Toric Lens for Astigmatism

Many cataract patients suffer from astigmatism and have required glasses or contact lenses to drive or read for much of their adult lives to correct their astigmatism. Toric lens implants correct for astigmatism. Toric IOLs are placed in the patient’s eye during routine cataract surgery in the same manner as a monofocal implant. They often provide better vision with or without glasses post cataract surgery, in patients who have significant astigmatism.


Single vision distance
Prior to the new premium lens implant technologies enabling people to see at multiple distances the only option for lens implants after cataract surgery were known as Monofocal IOLs. For years patients would have monofocal lens implants but then require eyeglasses after cataract surgery. While in some cases, patients can focus adequately in the distance without glasses, most patients will wear bifocal glasses after implantation of a monofocal IOL.


Cataract Surgery

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